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 Panduan Comand Di Bnet

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PostSubject: Panduan Comand Di Bnet   Mon Apr 05, 2010 1:16 pm

Panduan Newbie Warcraft 3 Bnet

Apa itu ping??

Di Bnet ketika anda ke beberapa channels, memberitahu pinga nda adalah 69.
cara mengecek ping di Bnet dengan mengetik "/p" atau "/ping"
Ping pada dasarnya adalah koneksi internet Anda, jika 1000 koneksi anda tertinggal sangat buruk. Bila di bawah 200 lumayan baik, dan jika semakin rendah pingnya.. koneksi internet anda semakin bagus..

Warcraft Battle.Net Commands:

/dnd - Jangan ganggu Contoh: /dnd Leave me alone!

/w – Memungkinkan Anda untuk berbisik teman Anda atau chat dengan tman anda. Contoh. /w Joeey123 Hey!

/m - Memungkinkan untuk berbisikatau chat dengan teman Anda, sama seperti /w username

/me - Memungkinkan tulisan anda berwarna hitam di chat Bnet

/squelch – Memungkinkan Anda untuk mengabaikan pesan dari seseorang. Contoh: /squelch Fatty

/unsquelch – Memungkinkan Anda untuk menerima pesan dari seseorang.Contoh :/unsquelch fatty

/away – Orang-orang yang mengirim pesan anda akan mendapatkan respon mengatakan sesuatu. /away "ketik pesan" Contoh /away Im doing chores brb

/who Channel name – Untuk mengetahui orang" yang berada di channel tersebut /who Clan JaPo

/whois Username – Memberitahukan keberadaan user tersebut

/whoami –"Untuk mengetahui keberadaan kita diroom maupun dibnet".”

/time - Untuk mengetahui Waktu di Bnet

/users - Untuk mengetahui users yang berada di server, yak aktif maupun yang sedang berada di channels

/profile username - Untuk mengetahui Profile user tersebut

/fps - Tells you your fps in game.

/finger username - mengetahui profile user tersebut secara tertulis.

Ctrl+M - mengatur music on / off. Tekan Ctrl+M lagi untuk sebaliknya
Ctrl+S - mengatur sound on /off. Tekan Ctrl+S lagi untuk sebaliknya

Tambahan dari bawah gw... Very Happy
/watch nickname "untuk melihat aktivitas user yang sedang kita pantau".
/watchall "untuk melihat aktivitas semua user yang ada dibnet".
/unwath nickname "untuk menghentikan aktivitas user yang sedang kita pantau"
/unwatchall "untuk menghentikan aktivitas semua user yang sedang kita pantau".

/r - untuk membalas whisper user secara langsung.. atau last whisper dapat di balas secara langsung..
/f w - utk whisper smw temen" lo yang ada di friends list kedua users

Command User:

Command: whois, whereis, where.
/whois - looks up some basic information on a user, including their account number and their current location

Command: msg, whisper, m, w.
/msg, /whisper, /m, /w - sends a private message to a user online regardless of the channel they are in

Command: ignore, squelch.
/ignore, /squelch - ignores any future messages from that user effectively muting that user to you

Command: unignore, unsquelch.
/unignore /unsquelch - unignores a user so u can listen to him again

Command: away
/away [] - displays a message that you are away from your keyboard whenever someone whispers to you or does a /whois command on you

Command: dnd
/dnd [] - prevents ALL whispers from displaying to your screen

Command: who
/who - displays a list of all users in the given channel

Command: stats astat
/stats /astat [] [] - displays a player's game record

Command: status users
/status, /users - displays the number of users currently on this server

Command: time
/time - displays the current server time

Command: me
/me - displays emotion text, as in 'tN is rolling on the floor laughing'

Command: kick
/kick - kicks a user out of the channel, you have to be least a Channel Operator or tempOP to use this command

Command: whoami
/whoami - looks up some basic information on yourself, including your account number and your current location

Command: uptime
/uptime - show the amount of time the server has been running

Command: lusers
/lusers - shows list of banned players in this channel

Command: channels, chs.
/channels /chs [all] - displays current channel list

Command: finger
/finger [] - displays information about player

Command: admins
/admins - shows all currently logged in administrators

Command: reply, r.
/reply /r - reply to the last person that whispered to you

Command: copyright warranty license
/copyright /warranty /license - shows the legal information for bnetd

Command: news
/news - show some system-specific news

Command: logout, quit, exit.
/logout /quit /exit - closes your connection to the server

Command: watch
/watch - sends notification when a player logs out or joins a game

Command: unwatch
/unwatch - stops sending notification about a player

Command: gameinfo
/gameinfo [] - prints information about a game

Command: ladderinfo
/ladderinfo [] - display ladder info for given rank

Command: timer
/timer [] [] - send notification after a period of time

Command: chpass
/chpass [] - change a player's password

Command: quota
/quota - displays the channel quota

Command: friends, f.
/friends add - add user to your friends list
/friends del - remove user from your friends list
/friends promote - promote user in your friends list
/friends demote - demote user in your friends list
/friends list - list all users in your friends list
/friends msg - whispers to all your online friends

Command: mail
/mail [] - mail management commands
/mail send
/mail read []
/mail delete {all|}

Command: help
/help - display your command

Command: motd
/motd - display the motd

Command: tos
/tos - shows terms of service once more

Command: clan
/clan public (alias: pub)
Opens the clan channel up to the public so that anyone may enter
/clan private (alias: priv)
Closes the clan channel such that only members of the clan may enter
/clan motd
Update the clan message of the day to message

Command: ping, p, latency.
/ping, /p, /latency - returns your latency to the server

Short Cut Commands:

: Cuts the selected text

: Copies the selected text

: Pastes the selected text

: Select all text

: Pastes the name you have selected

: Toggle channel enter/leave notifications

: Sends a private message to the selected user.
Aliases for this command: /w /msg /m /whisper

: Allows users to respond to private messages. This will type "/w person'sname " allowing you to quickly respond without typing their name

Yah sekian terima Kasih...
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Panduan Comand Di Bnet
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